Exclusion and Embrace


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Now my dissertation is submitted, I am footloose and fancy free for reading. So I am diving into this book by Miroslav Volf, as the requested preparation for the Emergent Theological Conversation 6-7th Feb 2006. I'll be posting most of my comments from reading on the events discussion board. For major things I reflect on, I'll put them here over the next few weeks.

Giving this award winning book a quick survey, it seems that this is not an abstract academic book detached from the world. Rather in it's '306 pages, the Croatian theologian Miroslav Volf shares the lessons he was teaching his seminary students while Serbian forces were establishing rape camps in and around his hometown'.

My take on the book is that in a world of increasing individuation, people are finding themselves in an ever narrowing circle of relationships, excluding others, as we lack the ability to relate. This 'exclusion' is seen in the anger and fear we have to others, from the violence of terrorism, global poverty, wars, partisan politics, church polarizations, and the general inability of people to connect in community of any sort. Volf suggest the the metaphor of 'Embrace', as a response to 'exclusion' to encapsulate the rest of his theology in the book. A book that deals with issues of international conflict, and the plight of fallen humanity, but also the disconnection of people from each other in general.

Looks very good.