Blog Review 2005 and Goals for 2006


So just over 110,000 hits, 752 posts, 2919 comments, 138 TrackBacks on my blog this year.

I'm hoping to do the following in 2006 online:

1. Distill and work through all my research in a blog format and series.

2. Write and get your help interaction and feedback on two books I am writing.

3. Tell stories from our emerging church community that show our missional thinking in action.

4. Post more resources from books, to events, links etc that might be helpful.

5. Publish the first UK online downloadable Emergent Magazine.

6. Connect more people seeking others to talk with near them and in contexts similar to them through the emergent site.

7. Gather with over 2,000 people when we get Brian McLaren over, meeting old and making new friends as we travel around europe in May, and posting conversations and resources here.

Wishing you all a happy new year, and God's blessing.