A large part of my research has been into we learn, how we construct reality, how we interpret truth claims and form belief, and the necessity for question, doubt, mystery, and what that might look like in terms of church educational and formational practices, including teaching spaces. This has become a large part of the beliefs and practices of our church.

In January we are incorporating a space and activity called QUEST. Rather than run a linear propositional christian basics course, it will be learner centered, and build around the submission of questions by people. The purpose is to allow further space for questions, be they about doctrine, ethics, faith, at any level, and for us to facilitate and act as commentators in this process.

People can submit questions by e-mail, phone, Text/SMS, letter, in person. You can see and download the flyer outlining QUEST, here.

Also the web interface which is undergoing construction is here (currently titled GROW) but will move to here soon now that is re-titled QUEST.

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