Keeping up with Blogs


If your still visiting blogs one by one with a web browser, there are many other ways to keep up to date with blogs, much more quickly and easily.

1. Blog/News Reader programme: this is a programme, that you open that goes to all your blogs and gets the latest posts and lets you quickly click through them to read.

2. Online Blog/Newss Reader: Similar to no.1 above, but instead you go to a web site, that collects all your blogs/news feeds in one place.

For overview on programmes and sites that will do this for you go here.

3. Web Browser RSS feeds: You use bookmarks in your web browser with RSS/News feeds. Safari on the Mac, and Firefox offer support for RSS/News feeds from blogs.

I have switched to bloglines to review all the blogs I scan, about 200, and it takes me a few minutes every morning to do so. If I was to visit all the sites one by one, I'd never do it.