I Was Converted by the Chronicles of Narnia


I know everyone is blogging about the chronicles of Narnia movie, and you may have switched off already, but watching the film today I realized again the impact of the books in my life, for many reasons, some of them:

1. Formation: I grew up in a non christian home, never heard the gospel in any form, until I was nearly 17, or so I thought. I had the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe read to me when in primary school, aged 5, and as I was learning to read, it was one of the first books I got out of the library. My parents bought me the boxed set of all the Chronicles of Narnia, photos above. Each book was 70 pence, back in 1974. I read them avidly, all of them several times through. I realize now what wonderful preparation, and formation they were for the christian faith.

2. Searching: I wanted Aslan to be true, I wanted the stories to be real, and they were, but not in the way I had expected. I think they did convey some reality of Jesus to me as a child.

3. Hope/Comfort: With the domestic violence and abuse in my house, there was time when my parents had a very very bad fight, and I hid in my wardrobe. In fact I used to climb into my wardrobe when things were bad and wish I could find my way to Narnia, and Aslan (as i write this I think not many people know this about me). This one time, I sat in the back of the wardrobe for so long that my parents thought I had run away, and they couldn't find me. As I look back and see those times Jesus was with me, this was one of them.

4. Experience:As I understand it C.S.Lewis was writing an allegory, to children who would be very familiar with the Christian story, but he wanted them to experience something at a time when everyone 'knew' the story in their heads but didn't really know it's importance in their lives. I think as I look back, Jesus came to me very often as I read the stories, I experienced His comfort and presence through them.