The Holy Spirit in the Emerging Culture

An emergent-uk conversation day. If we believe Jesus is dramatically involved in our daily lives, what does that mean for our emerging context, culture and church life?

Date: Saturday 12th November
Venue: St.Albans Vineyard Church
Time: 10 a.m until 4 p.m
Cost: Free
Food: Bring your own.

We aren't looking for a new set of answers but to provide a space for people to ask questions, share what they have been learning, and help each other experience, and understand the Holy Spirit for our contexts.

We don’t want to be ruled by the clock, so we will talk, brainstorm, question as we need to, and take breaks when we need to. We’ll plan to have lunch together. We might take ten minutes we might use up the whole time we have alloted, whatever happens is fine.

You can wander in and out, get coffee when you need to fresh air when you need to, join in when you want to, to enable us to be a creative as we can be. Bring your laptops, phones, diaries, journals, artwork, music, stories and your selves, whatever helps you interact.

Please e-mail so we have some idea of who is coming for coffees/teas, materials etc.

More info to follow.The Holy Spirit in the Emerging Culture

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