Story Telling

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Great day yesterday in Kidderminster with about 150 people, tough to get up to speak after Steve Sjogren and then Steve Chalke. My notes along with typos are attached.


Listening to Steve and Steve I was struck by a few things:

1. The power of story. They are both masters of story telling, and stories are so engaging. 2. Steve Sjogren's story told the story of people connecting in non propositional ways, small acts of kindness that change lives. 3. Steve Chalke's stories were inspiring on what churches can do by involvement in the community, in social action. 4. The need for praxis, for doing, and for theology being formed within mission.

Steve Sjogren has a resource site here. A good place to start with Steve Chalke's resources is here. The sessions were recorded and you'll need to e-mail the hard working 'to all nations' team to order cd's.

And our resources, church ones are here and Emergent-uk here.