Apparently the average person works for 40 hours per week in the European Union. Until this summer, I have worked far more than that. Being bi-vocational, for several years, meant worked in excess of 90 hours a week at times. Even going into this summer I was clocking in weeks of 60-70 hours.

Now many jobs are demanding of time, and being a pastor/minister is one those vocations that takes up alot of time. Yet I am have suffered from workaholism, and being in ministry has been something that suited that tendency well.

Yet something happened to me this summer on sabbatical. God did something in me that found me at peace in a way I haven't been for a long time, he challenged my workaholism, and the the need to trust him, not my output.

And maybe getting older, I am finally slowing down. Anyhow I am putting in 40-50 hour weeks. By my previous years it feels down right lazy, but the difference has been liberating. And people are noticing the difference in me, in good ways.

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