Holy Spirit in the Emerging Culture & Church

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Last saturday, nearly 40 of us met in St.Albans, to talk about the Holy Spirit and our emerging culture. After Krispy Kreme Donuts and Coffee, we started the day with a lectio divina reading of the bible, sharing and praying together, led by Marc. Then some input from Matt Rees and I to orient people and get the ball rolling.

Then we had people write questions on post it notes, and put them on the wall. We grouped the notes by affinity (Steve Hollinghurst was a huge help in this process and later discussion facilitation). Then people decided which group of questions they related to the most, and people hived off to talk about them together. After lunch we gathered together again, and got feedback from the three groups, and talked and shared more questions together.

Lastly we spent time sharing how we were experiencing the Holy Spirit in our emerging contexts, and laid hands on and prayed for one another, as people wanted to.

A great day, met a whole bunch of new people, and some old friends. Seems the topic of the Holy Spirit got a few people who are unsure about Emerging church to try the day out.

The nature of the day meant recording was not possible, but I took notes of the feedback sessions, and you can download them, typos and all here:


Andy who came on the day also has some reflections here, and Nikki as well, here.