Whilst I am an apple addict, I have been partial to the xbox as a games console, despite it being made by microsfot. I have found that halo, halo 2, medal of honor, and currently Half Life 2, are the kind of games that allow me to relax from work.

So I have sold everything I could on e-bay, bargained with my son for a joint christmas and birthday present, and put my deposit down on the new x-box 360. I plan to break it in with Perfect Dark Zero, a curry with my son, and an evening if trying it out this weekend. I hope the wait has been worth it. Just over two days to go now.

But after lunch with a new friend last friday (Brett Jordan who has an a great blog), who is an apple fan, he asked me why I was not looking at the Nintendo Revolution. I must admit that I associate it with my son's game boy, and Super Mario - not really my genre - but inspired by Brett, I've been taking a look at the Revolution and it looks intriguing.

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