Britain is 67% Christian?


The BBC have conducted a survey on faith affiliation, and 67% of people describe themselves as Christian. It's surprising given that church attendance in the UK averages 7% (including people who just go Christmas and easter), is functionally 1% in many areas, and set to get as low as 1-2% by 2040. You can download the survey results in full here.

I think it shows a few things:

1. That people believe in God, and when asked to chose a religion will chose christianity, despite how little they know about it. In other words, this survey is not about 67% of british people believing in christianity, but declaring they believe in God os some sort, and will elect for christian, in response to surveys like this.

2. People are really not into church, but they are really not into anything much at all. The decline in church attendance is undoubtedly due to churches losing touch with people, but is also mirrored in the inability of people to commit to anything communal, and organised etc (see this research I posted on previously).

3. There is great potential for the church, in finding ways to help take this belief in God, that people still locate as vaguely christian, and help them explore it further. In other words 67% of people are interested in God, and the idea of christianity but not church. We keep thinking we need to explain christianity, but I wonder if we need an apologetic for church of any form, more than ever.

4. A reminder of how different the UK is to the USA at present on faith and church.

What do you think?

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