Assessment of Emerging Church : John Hammett, ETS


Don Carson's book 'Conversant with the Emerging Church', caused quite a stir in it's criticism of emergent and the emerging church. Emergent USA, put out a response to this and other criticisms, that requested other academics to respond to academic critiques such as Carson's, to help us and keep Emergent accountable.

Stanley Mills P.hD, a friend of Emergent wrote a detailed response to Carson that many of us found helpful. A more recent response, taking up this challenge/request directly is by Dr John S. Hammett, professor of Theology at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary who offers and assessment of Emerging Church.

You can read about his response and download his paper here. Unlike Stanley Mills, this is a response from someone not directly immersed in Emergent or Emerging church. Thanks to Anthony Billington from LST for passing this paper to me, and for letting me know that it was presented at the recent Evangelical Theological Society Conference earlier this month.

I'm digesting it at the moment and will write some of my thoughts tomorrow.