The Character of Theology - John Franke


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I met up with John Franke the other week, John is a great friend, and after living in the UK for some time he is an ardent Arsenal fan (which my son approves of greatly!). John co-authored a book with the late Stan Grenz, that is a set text in so many seminaries today, Beyond Foundationalism.

John's latest book, strikes out from where that text left off, although John suggests it is more of a prequel, and it is much easier to read. It's slim at 200 pages, and set to become another key text for people wanting to understand theology in a post-modern context.

What I love about the book, is that John put's himself into it, theology is part of his journey and story, this is not esoteric academics, but someone who has been trying to make sense of his own questions and those of his students in the real world.

So if like John you value your evangelical heritage, appreciate the process the reformers undertook, and want to engage meaningfully with our post-modern context, this is the book for that. I love John's sub title, for the book, 'A Post-conservative evangelical approach'.

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