Strategic Humility


I was talking with a friend the other day on the issue of over-promising that I wrote about a few days ago. We got to talking about networks and groups, and how organizationally people over-promise, because they sometimes have an 'overly high view of their strategic importance'. I know I run the risk of sounding judgmental, I don't want to be, I'm just trying to talk about the phenomena of thinking to much of ourselves, and include myself in that assessment.

Every group runs the risk of this. The imperative so often for our missions has been a belief in our strategic importance, that God has called us, and whilst that can enable and inspire, it can produce an arrogance, and ability to hurt people, by over promising and a closure to critique and dialogue.

And for any new groups and networks, the language may change, we may use less formal and spiritual language, but we can still end up talking too highly of ourselves.

I hope Emergent demonstrates and continues to model 'strategic humility', by affirming that we are one very small part of multiple conversations, that we have a limited perspective, that we make lots of mistakes, that whilst trying to be strategic, we do not think we are the answer for everyone. Yet we want confidence in what do believing it is helpful, and serving.

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