Post-colonial Theology

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On Sunday I had the privilege to hear Randy Woodley speak. Randy is a federally recognized native american, Cherokee. He gave an overview of the demise and genocide of his tribe, and talked about the current growth of native americans. He also also articulated native american spirituality, and how he and others are incarnating the message of Jesus to native americans.

Listening to him, I thought these post-colonial theologies, have as much to offer us, as they do native americans. By that I mean, if we are realizing that our theology has been so westernized, and embedded in a culture of colonialism, perhaps we need to consider theology from people like Randy as an act of humility; allowing our theology to be submitted to their leading, recognizing the damage the church did to these peoples theology, and there is something of the Kingdom in allowing our theology to be informed by true post-colonial expressions, lest we end up developing new emerging theologies that are rooted in continuing colonialism.

So any post-colonial theologies you are reading, have come across?

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