No more 'searching' because now we are 'digging'

There is a backronym (is the phenomenon that word exists first and is then expanded to a phrase, unlike an acronym which involves a phrase being reduced to a set of initials which can then be pronounced as a word), a DIG. So computer geeks, DIG (domain information groper) the DNS (an acronym for Domain Name Server), in other words searching and fetching information.

Over the last few years we have grown used to searching, and google have made our lives easier with their search tools. But we are moving away from searching, and the DIG, has become the art of 'digging', and something much more than fetching DNS information.

But it is still to do with the art of information alchemy, and finding things, often real things. Yahoo describe the art of digging as:

'Digging is the new social phenomenon and the latest celebrity craze sweeping the nation. It's the art of acquiring collections of cool stuff through a passionate mix of researching, shopping, fact finding and trading.

It used to be about trawling through old shops, but these days it's about digging for information. Modern cool hunters use the Internet to pursue their passions and chase down the rare, the quirky, and the collectible.'

Of course the word lends itself to and leaches meaning from the phrase 'to dig something'...i.e to get a deep emotional satisfaction or longing from something, or someone.

So my 'digs' can be music, fashion, gadgets, books, and they include the place and how I got them. So move over blog roll, here come my 'digs'.

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