My Wife and the Archbishop

We had a few days away this week, enjoying the rain in the UK, as a family. One night at a restaurant, my wife whispered to me "look over there, that man with the silver hair, is he one of my relatives?'

I scanned the room a surreptitiously as I could until I found the man she had seen, expecting to see an uncle of hers. I turned back to my wife, "do you mean Lord Carey?"

Seems Lord Carey, the 103rd Archbishop of Canterbury, now retired, was eating pancakes with his family for a birthday party. My wife new his face was familiar, and did the usual, 'have I met him at church, at a conference', and landed on the idea that he must be a distant relative. My wife now insists that Lord Carey looks just her uncle Alan

It gave me a chuckle. Lord Carey was staying at the same place as us, and it was strange seeing the former Archbishop of Canterbury in his swimming trunks at the swimming pool. It seemed so incongruous, like when you used to see your school teachers in the real world shopping, but even more so. The Right Reverend Carey, once the head of the Anglican Communion, in a role that reaches back to Saint Augustine who arrived in Kent in 597 A.D, sitting next to me at the swimming pool.

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