Frequently Avoided Questions

Frequently Avoided Questions: by Chuck Smith JR., and Matt Whitlock.

USA $10.19, £7.54 UK

I've been sent a pre-release copy of this book. Using research from George Barna, it explores questions that american emerging generations people are asking about Christianity. Questions include:

1. Do I have to go to church? 2. Do good people go to Hell? 3. What is truth? 4. Do I have to sell God? 5. Why the bible? 6. Does the bible contradict evolution? 7. Are there gay Christians? 8. Are Christians the morality police? etc....

The format is for Matt to introduce a question with a story from his missions life, and for Chuck to discuss the dilemma/topic afterwards.

If you want some lively group discussions, and thought provoking topics, this is a great book. If you are wrestling with these questions it's a great place to start.

Although based on USA questions, there are many that translate here in the UK, except the one 'Can Christians work in a bar'...I used to when I was at seminary :-)

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