Conrad Gempf - Narrative and MP3


As I posted a few days ago, we had Conrad Gempf, with us for last saturday morning at our church weekend away at Ashburnham. Conrad is the author of a few recent great books, and my former NT lecturer at London School of Theology.

We've been experimenting with interactions instead of preaching in our congregational space, and have used bible text's in an Ignation kind of way. So I was intrigued to hear that Conrad had written some narratives that were ways to listen to Gospel stories, and have him use them with us on the retreat.

Conrad explained some of the method, in that he tells the gospel stories from the point of view of a minor character, someone we can identify with to catch the subtle nuances of the story. Also after years of atomizing texts to get to the meaning, this is a way to get right into the text to be immersed in it, and experience it.

Our community loved the two pieces Conrad read to us, and the most common response was that it brought the bible alive, and made them want to read the stories themselves. So we offer you the two pieces, the story of Mary crying on Jesus feet, and of Jesus being arrested with Peter's denial of Jesus, with Conrad's permission (also podcast for them is here).

These are great narratives for groups to listen to and then discuss what they experienced, or just for individuals wanting to get into the bible. I wish a publisher would record all the ones Conrad has done up, and release them. BTW I thought NT Wright had a great voice for recordings, but Conrad definitely has a voice for radio.

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