Brian McLaren's Next Book

The Secret Message of Jesus, By Brian McLaren

Pre-order UK - £23.71, USA - $13.59 ----------

I've been fortunate to be able to read a pre-release galley of Brian McLaren's new book, the Secret Message of Jesus, which will be out later this year, early next.

The UK price is crazy, and I hope will change before release. Also the title is a little too like Steve Chalke's 'Lost Message of Jesus', and I'm not keen on the title itself, using the word secret. Having said that, when you read the book, and explore the message of Jesus, historically, theologically, biblically as the book does, you could be left thinking, I wish more people new about this.

It's not an emerging church book, and will lay out for a lot of people what Brian believes about Jesus, the Gospel, and christian mission. I found it greatly inspiring and gave me an understanding of Jesus, his connection to the church, and mission throughout history, and our hope in him for holistic life and mission today.

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