I have a confession to make

In our church community we are spending the Autumn exploring the topic/theme of "Life". What did it mean when Jesus said he come that we might have life in all it's fullness. So last week we explored, Love, and yesterday we explored Confession. Other themes are going to be forgiveness, repentance, vulnerability, and celebration etc.

For the topic of confession we had an interaction around post cards with confessions on them. We took several images from http://postsecret.blogspot.com/, and talked about why in James 5, we're told confession is healing for us, but why is it so hard, why do we do it with each other so little, and shared stories of healing from confession.

Then we put our own confession on the back of their postcard, and they could either shred it or put it in a basket, which Jon our assistant pastor will read with me, prayer over then shred. Most people chose to put their confessions in the box to be read and prayed over.

I found it a really moving time, as we tried to explore as a community the value of allowing and welcoming each other to confess, the things that hurt, the burdens we carry, and find healing together.

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