Emerging Church: Lacking the Spirit?

Thanks everyone who commented and those of you who wrote me e-mails. Here is my final letter that I sent. I landed on something short (to make sure it's included), something positive rather a reactionary response, as the article was inflammatory rather than something of substance that needs a response.



Christianity Magazine in their October edition, carried an article titled Emerging Church: Lacking the Spirit (download here as PDF). As Chris is a fellow Vineyard pastor, and as the article has some strong accusations and claims about Brian McLaren and Emerging church, I thought I would respond to it.

I contacted John Buckeridge the Editing Director of the magazine, and John said if I got something to him soon, they would include it in the December issue. So can I ask for your help with my letter?

I want to make sure, my letter isn't too long, is warm in tone, but deals with the issues of the article. Also there are responses that would help that I might have missed. So if you have the time and inclination, can you download my very rough first draft letter here, and post suggestions in the comments or e-mail them to me at jason@emergent-uk.org.