Some cartoon art work from Philip Johnson who does not like emergent and the emerging church has been doing the linked rounds of the blogosphere. I found his cartoon satires hilarious, and like a good laugh at myself, and a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

But in reading the comments, from dozens and dozens of christians, who seemed to enjoy being snide, rude, denigrating, biting, cutting, in talking about Brian McLaren and those os us involved in EC, I wondered, why do we do this to each other. And emerging church people do it just as much to others.

Why do we have to lash out with so much bile, and vitriol? Jesus said others would know we were His disciples by our love for each other, not our hatred, and venom, and dehumanization.

I had one of those moments reading the comments when I thought, if this is christianity please get me out of here. Then there has been the Christianity article, that was so personal and cutting, and inaccurate. Why, do christians need to legitimize what they believe by pathologically slating and criticizing other people.

Jesus told so many parables, about the Kingdom, I must have missed the one that said, it was like the politicians who slagged each other off.

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