Brian McLaren on 'What is the Emerging Church?'

Brian McLaren's church, Cedar Ridge Community Church have a weblog that is provides podcast/RSS and online mp3s of sunday talks from the church, including Brian's.

Last sunday at the request of his church staff Brian began a four part series, titled 'What is the emerging church?'

Highlights include:

1. Emerging Church as a title Brian doesn't like this phrase, the language implies a new correct way of doing church, and it's not about doing church in a new correct way, or that other forms of church are wrong.

2. Emerging Edge Brian talks about an 'Emerging Edge', a shared conversation that is global and occurring in so many church groups and denominations, of a shared engagement in post-modernity.

3. Emerging Mission The language he prefers for this conversation, on the 'edge' is about mission, engagement in our emerging culture, together.

4. Emergent's History Brian's history and connection to Emergent as a network that is part of the Emerging Edge conversation.