Brian McLaren on MTV

I just got this from my friend Josh in Geneva, seems Brian McLaren made it onto MTV :-) ------------

hello all

pardon the mindless activity mentioned below...

not so sure if brian has been on mtv before, but on the recent room roaders episode his book made the show! It is a show about a guy who goes around and through three girls rooms and without meeting them decides upon the one he wants a date with. In return, the ladies get to go through his room just before the show reaches its climax where he chooses which one he wants.

recently, there was a guy from harvard (who is a political writer) who was going around to three girls rooms. As they entered his room and began to go through his shelves, they opened a drawer with "more ready than you realize" in the top position. I just laughed and laughed! I hope you can share in my laughter of brian's mtv preview on the mtv show room raiders! it wasn't a mention, but was definitely a good piece of product placement!

laughing out loud!!! joshua c

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