Hippiecrits - Rebel Sell


"Rebel Sell: How The Counterculture Became the Consumer Culture" (J. Heath, Andrew Potter)

And USA version, same book but under different title

Nation of Rebels : Why Counterculture Became Consumer Culture
I just got this and am loving it, it's one of the best cultural analyses I have read in a long time.

Kurt Cobain coined the phrased 'hippiecrits' to talk about countercultural people, who had sold out, yet his own counter culturalism, failed and he killed himself literally and metaphorically. He became what he despised.

The Rebel Sell explores the controversial idea that people who think being alternative, anti brand (like 'No Logo', 'adbusters' etc), that mocking the system, the process of 'cultural jamming' ultimately fails. They also explore what concern for social justice looks like without the myth and quest of being countercultural.

With a detailed historical, philosophical and cultural analysis, this is must read for anyone trying to engage with and understand popular culture.

Why do we live in a time when being 'alternative' is the pinnacle of being 'authentic', and if you are alternative long enough do you stop being alternative, or do you need to alternative again?

An expose of the love of culture, and romanticism of non-conformism.

Since posting this, reading the comments, I've found Matt Rees has given a great review of this book here