Evolution Wars

This week's US Time magazine carries a story on evolution/intelligent design/creation that I found fascinating for a few reasons.

1. It seems very different in the US to the UK. Most christians I know (pop quiz here, no hard data), are I think into intelligent design, the idea that God used the process of evolution in the act of creation, and that a literal creation is untenable with what we know from science, compared to the large number of people in the US who still hold to creationism. 2. That George Bush affirming intelligent design would be so upsetting for creationists and evolutionists, though by the end of the article I can see why. 3. What does the evolution/intelligent design/creation debate mean for our theology?

The third one is the most interest to me. If we affirm evolution and intelligent design, what does this mean for our ethics (sexual), and for our soteriology (understanding of the fall, and redemption and salvation). Our doctrine of creation will be radically different depending on which view we take.

So blog pop quiz, what is your view on the debate and how does it affect your theology/beliefs and practices, and have they changed over time?