What's wrong with Christians?

There are so many books about the problems of church, it's leadership, it's style, it's ecclessiology, it's abuses etc etc.

But when was the last time you read a book about what was wrong with christians, who have have given up on church? It's easy to bash church, and popular to lambast institutions, to critique an organization.

Now I am not saying we should not critique church, I think it's vital. There is a lot wrong with church, always has been and always will be. But have things gone to far? Are we developing a victim culture, with church as the bad guy that everything gets projected onto?

When I get to speak about the nature of church at conferences, gatherings and seminaries, I always talk about the need to be open to question our churches, who we are and what we are doing, but I also talk about the problem of Christians, or rather the amazing possibility for christians.

Imagine if every christian got up tomorrow, and went to the church that offended them the least, or if there was none, they got together with other christians, and if they all decided, church will not be about me, my needs, but I will serve, give, pray, share, with the people in this community and with the people where we live, work and play.

I fear that no matter how much we change church to be relevant, to have a message compatible with our emerging cultural realities, with fluid space and places to connect it will never be enough for christians who have given up on church in some passive-aggressive consumerist withdrawal (and before you get the pitchforks out for me, read above, and the rest of my blog, the church has got a lot to answer for, but not everything)

BTW if you read this as an apologetic for organized church, you've mis-read it :-)