What is Emergent in the UK?

Just getting round to mulling over the discussion day outcomes we had in June. I think as I work through the stuff we discussed I'll blog it here, starting with the question who and what is Emergent UK?


  • Emerging Church is much bigger than Emergent, and broader, and we would not assume to speak on behalf of the Emerging Church.
  • We consider ourselves very involved in aspects of Emerging Church, whilst having our own distinctives, flavor and focus.
  • We recognise and value that people are connecting to Emergent in multiple ways, outside this web site, organised events and conversations. No-one owns or controls Emergent in the UK. We do not presume to speak on behalf of, or in totality for everyone that feels part of Emergent in the UK.


  • We are a clearinghouse for conversations about church.
  • We provide safe spaces/places for those conversations.
  • We have these conversations in order to ask questions, to bond over common questions, and live out of a place of questioning.

Some Values

- Questioning: it is the conversational questioning that defines us, not definitive and set answers.

- Half Baked: we are 'half-baked, never seeking to be fully formed.

- Open Source: publicly accessible in part or in whole.

- Responsive: responding to people’s questions.

- Distributive: getting out what we already have.

- Creative: making, creating, producing.

- Connecting: conversations and relationships.

- Non-profit: as cheap as possible.

- Generous: trying to get stuff to people as well as we can.

- Empowering: of the people who are creating conversations?

- Gifting: of each other's gifts and abilities towards the production of our resources.

- Multiple Voices: male and female, young and old, etc.

- Accountable: Open to critique.

- Missional: to effect change in the church.

- Holistic: whole life engagement.

- Positive: We have a deep love for the Church Catholic in it's many diverse forms, and value our participation in them.

- Congregational: Actively and positively involved in a local congregation/tribe/community, whatever form that takes.

- Self Directed/Motivated/Participatory: Emergent is what people make of it not what someone invites or asks them to do.

- Conjoining: Non-polarising, that theory and practice go together, that theology and praxis are inseparable. History of Emergent in the UK

We have a history that began in 1999, and now has over 1,200 people connected through this limited avenue in various ways.

The Emergent-UK Name

Emergent is a name we use to show our connection to Emergent, as an international group. Like a family name, it leads people to our primary connection. We may change it if it becomes confusing with name change re-association over time.