Renaissance Man

Very politically incorrect now due to gender issues, but there was the idea of the Renaissance Man. So lets rephrase it as the Renaissance person.

The Renaissance person is someone who is constantly learning and mastering new skills. (It's this quality that allowed Leonardo Da Vinci to become skilled at both scientific and artistic endeavors).

If the modern world was about becoming learned, focused in a speciality, to arrive and reach the zenith of skill, our emerging culture releases something very different. And leadership in the modern world says do just what you are good at, and we end up being so functional, we forget to pursue what we enjoy, and other things we might be good at too.

Want to be a growing christian, then learn poetry, music, dance, art, science, theology, gardening, cooking. Embrace the whole of life, and unlike the renaissance man, not just the stuff you are good at.

I'm finding the people who interest me the most and influence me the most, are far from monochromatic.

So I was into astronomy as a kid, always wanted a telescope but could never afford one, and it was never going to fly on the council estate/public housing area I grew up on, then I never had the time for one.

Meeting a professor at George Fox University who teaches spirituality and astronomy, and a couple of conversations with him, got me to get off my butt and go buy a scope from ebay, and I'll be learning how to use it this summer.

Maybe it's just about becoming curious about everything we do and are connected to.