Just got off the phone after talking with Matt Rees, and we had a great chat about how from our limited perspective much of the emerging church seems either post-charistmatic, or formed by people who were never charistmatic in the first place.

Not a bad thing, just the way it is. But for people like Matt and I, who who might be post-evangelical in our theology (and even using that term is asking for trouble), but we aren't post-charismatic. By that I think we mean, that we still value and practice, laying on of hands, expecting people to experience God, and hear from him, using the gifts of the spirit, etc.

So what does it mean to engage in our emerging culture, and be charismatic? Answers on a pneumatological postcard please.

Anyhow Matt and I wondered who else was asking this and if any of you wanted to get together early autumn to ask that questions, to share what we are learning and doing? Some of us vineyard pastors are making a go of this over at