'Frienship, Obession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes'


"Empire of the Stars" (Arthur I. Miller)

The subtitle of this book is 'Friendship, Obsession and Betrayal in the Quest for Black Holes'.

An amazing true story, about how a young indian scientist, Chandra, in 130, on a boat from Madras to London contemplates the fate of stars and realises that must eventually collapse into nothing, and comes up with the theory of black holes.

Sir Arthur Eddington, a brilliant astrophysicist decided to deal with this claim, not by engaging with it, but by ridiculing Chandra, out of resentment and prejudice.

Chandra was eventually proved right, and given the Noble Prize in 1983, but he was devastated emotionally and his work held back for years, purely for personal reasons.

An amazing book, that has the background of the final demise of the British Empire, and it's final leaders unable to accept input due to prejudice.

So apart from being an amazing story, and a great read, it seems a parable of the church, and how often we have silenced voices out of prejudice, rather than engaging with them honestly.

And a warning not to continue the colonialism of the church in the west.