Finished..nearly, almost, well not quite...and thank you

I am on the last part of my sabbatical for july and august and when not in Denmark have been churning out my last chapter for my disseration. I just finished the last part today. All 200 and bit more pages are now with a professional editor. I thank God for them. They will scrutinize my paper for grammar, spelling, and that the paper adheres to all the technical requirements of my university, down to every comma, full stop, citation/qoutation and footnote. Something that would cause me to lapse into a coma and never finalise the paper if left to me.

That gives me until the 1st January to work on any edits before submitting a final draft on 1st January 2006.

Reviewing my writing today, I was so thankful that it is a journal of so much that I have learned, in my church, and in emergent. So many of the conversations and visits monthly to other places, churches and countries, have found their way into my paper, from web sites, to ideas, to books.

And on this blog, many of your comments and interactions, and those who downloaded and read some of my papers/writings, have been so helpful. So thank you to everyone who has helped shape me and get me this far.

Now two publishers, one in the US and one in the UK are interested in turning it into a book of some sort, so I guess the autumn will be busy with that process.