Beautiful Woman

I spent some time with one the most amazing women I have ever met, whilst in Denmark, Anna Billedet. Anna is not only beautiful, but is profoundly captivating, and graceful.

Anna has been paralyzed from the neck down since birth, and creates pictures working with brush, pencil, and crayon, which are held in the mouth. Her work is regularly exhibited and you can see some here.

We were talking after we had both just taught seminars. I asked her what she had been speaking about, and she replied 'oh that God loves you, and you are precious to him, and how your identity can be in Him'.

Now when most people say that it might sound trite, but her words literally hit me like a physical force, a gentle breeze, she was speaking our of her inner being, the truth of having hidden herself in Christ. I felt blessed and healed and comforted with her words.