As the bombs go off in london, we pray...

As bombs go off in London, we pray...

for the survivors of the attack. for the families who have lost loved ones. for the rescue workers and police on the scene. for the doctors and nurses caring for the hurting. for the reporters who work through intense emotion to bring us the pictures and news of the day.

for the Primeminister and other elected leaders who so desperately need wisdom from beyond themselves.

for the pastors/vicars/ministers who care first-hand for the spiritual needs of those who have experienced this great tragedy.

for the military and intelligence agencies who seek to find out who would do this so they might be brought to justice.

for our united kingdom -- that this event will bring us together and turn our thoughts toward helping each other to oppose terrorism.

for all those who might be tempted to think that violence accomplishes anything of lasting value.

May God break the cycle of violence to make a difference for His Peace and Grace in this broken world.

(inspired by a prayer from prayer_trouble-God-bless-america.htm">David Cohen)