The Journey So Far


"The Journey So Far" (Peter Hicks) buy in UK

"The Journey So Far" (Peter Hicks) buy in USA

(Download a chapter here thanks for the link Maiken)

One thing christians often find it hard to believe is that they have a philosophy and world view. I'm just being a 'biblical christian' they say, not realising they have enormous philosophical bias. We all do.

Then we can become enamored with post-modernity and declare ourselves post-modern, or maybe we change how we do church and start to think we have got it right/better than the modern church. We wouldn't say were being 'biblical', but we might use the words, 'authentic'.

So maybe we need to understand our philosophy/worlview better, and want to dig deeper and make sure your not just replacing 'being biblical' with being 'authentic', but how do we do that without reading some incomprehensible books by philosophers?

Well Peter Hicks, has done most of the work for us in this book. If you want one book that traces world views/philosophies from the time of the bible until today, that's comprehensive and yet very readable, this book is it. Rather I should say this book is a must have.