Listen in to the Emergent-Uk Planning Day

We had a great day yesterday for our first emergent UK planning day, to take time to explore who and what is Emergent in the UK, and what should we doing and not.

The group who came from all over the country, at their own expense, and were asked along because from previous interactions they had shown kindness and care for Emergent, a willingness to be identified with Emergent, had helped others regularly as part of Emergent, and the people involved hand insights that we think would be very helpful from their expertise and experience.

So this group were from varied church/tribal streams, with a breadth of experience from psychiatry, the arts, management/leadership, theology, social action, and church leadership. We had a great conversation, and I wish we had more time.

I will blog the outcomes in more detail as I get time, and some of the outcomes will make there way into the Emergent UK web site and newsletters, soon.

Meantime you can listen in on our conversation from my notes. These have some notes I took of our conversation, they are my summary, they are incomplete (much of what was said is not noted), and will be clarified by the group later and re-posted. But we thought you might want to start listening sooner than later.

The notes start with our conversation, and the end has the outline of how we ran the day.