It's just a week since I got back from my final advance with my doctoral co-hort and I'm still digesting and processing the time we had together, especially with Len Sweet.

We had clubbed together and bought an original leaf from The Book of Hours, 1545 from Venice, and presented it to Len at the end of the week, to say thank you. Here is the prayer from our cohort for Len to say thanks, I think it captures in some small way the impact this amazing man has had on our lives.

'This gift from LEC2 cohort of George Fox University, to our Mentor and Guide, Len Sweet, expresses our appreciation to you. Like this leaf, you have challenged us to us both image and text, to be both ancient and future, to grow both soul and mind, to see with both eyes and heart. You have called us continually back to Him whom we love above all and given us reason to love Him more. For all of this and more, we thank you, and like John Ames of Gilead, we invoke God's blessing on your life, family, and ministry. May his face shine upon you and give you peace.'