Emergent Europe - Advance Notice

We are getting Brian McLaren to visit several countries for a series of Emergent gatherings in may 2006. Visiting places where we have Emergent people, we will be gathering with people locally, to help strengthen their connection to Emergent, and help other people in those locations to connect.

There are so many countries and we could have had many more places to host conversations, and I'm sure some of you reading will be wanting to ask Brian to come to where you are but, he is fully booked for the whole trip now. But there is always next time, and come to one nearest to you, make a trip and journey out of it :-)

We have a specific web site for information here and I'll blog any updates. Meanwhile confirmed dates are:

Geneva: May 9&10th (This will be our main European event, for Emergent leaders and co-ordinarors in europe to gather and connect with each other)
NE England, Teeside: May 11th
Wales: 12 to 14th May
Denmark, Norway, Sweden: 15-21st May
Republic of Ireland: 22nd May (TBC)