Buy in USA "a.k.a. "Lost" : Discovering Ways to Connect with the People Jesus Misses Most" (JIM HENDERSON)...not listed on amazon uk yet :-(

I first encountered Jim at an early Off-The-Map gathering several years ago, that was literally life changing. Jim is a wonderful human being, and he embodies what he speaks about, and he does more than just speak. He's also been a great friend and support since then.

At a time when our evangelistic techniques are so often far from normal, and natural, Jim's suggestions are freeing, life giving, and bring us back to what evanglism was always about.

I was given a pre-print copy of Jim's book which is overdue and and wonderful compelation of Jim's ideas, stories and suggestions. So if you are wanting to help others connect to Jesus, and are tired of ways that seem impossible, and alienating, this book is a must read.

Jim is doing a blog tour, and we'll have him interviewed here soon, watch this space.