Mealtime Habits of the Messiah

Mealtime Habits of the Messiah, by Conrad Gempf. Buy in UK, buy in USA With every book he wrtes, Conrad Gempf is becoming more and more one of my favourite authors.

If you come to my blog frequently you'll see I read and recommend a lots of books. Many are for research, many I have to read as part of my course work (and I enjoy so many of them), but there are a few I chose to read, cover to cover that are food for my soul. Conrad's latest book, is one of those.

I hunger for something that gets me back into the bible in ways that are life giving, and this book, is one that gives the bible back to me. We talk about being narrative based in our apporach to theology, well come and dive into a book that explores the stories of Jesus so deeply, surpisingly and profoundly.

You can download a chapter for free here. You can also visit Conrad at his blog.

-------------- Synopsis It's not exactly how one would expect God to occupy himself. Lord of space and time, newly resurrected from the dead, and what is he doing? Sitting quietly by the lakeside, cooking up breakfast and waiting for the disciples to drop by. The Gospels are full of odd quirks that most people never notice because the stories are so familiar. But Conrad Gempf notices. He uses his knowledge of Jesus' life and times to light up the meditations in this book. The forty short encounters in this book focus on Jesus as a teacher, Jesus as a miracle worker, on Jesus' radical spirituality and on his death and resurrection. Seasoning its unique insights with humor, Mealtime Habits of the Messiah both satisfies the hungry soul and piques the reader's appetite for prayer.