How Art Made the World

This new TV series started Monday 9th May. There are a few episodes to go, and it will certainly be released on DVD by the BBC. For anyone exploring symbols, and images in worship and communication, this series is a must watch.

The BBC home page for the series is here. I've put an episode guide in the continuation section. -----------------------

How Art Made the World - Episode Guide Programme One - More Human Than Human… One image dominates our contemporary world above all others: the human body. How Art Made the World travels from the modern world of advertising to the temples of classical Greece and the tombs of ancient Egypt to solve the mystery of why humans surround themselves with images of the body that are so unrealistic. Programme Two - The Day Pictures Were Born The discovery of prehistoric cave paintings in the last century led to the shocking realisation that humans have been creating art for over 30,000 years. Episode two reveals how the very first pictures ever made were created, and how images may have triggered the greatest change in human history. Programme Three - The Art of Persuasion The visual devices used by Tony Blair and George Bush to get themselves elected and maintain power, come not from modern times, but a world that is thousands of years old. How Art Made the World ventures back to the creation of Stonehenge and the reign of Alexander the Great to reveal how imagery became an indispensable weapon in every leader's political armoury. Programme Four - Once Upon a Time Each year over seven billion people across the world are drawn to see the latest feature films in the cinema. This episode reveals how the most powerful storytelling medium ever created exploits visual techniques invented by artists in the ancient world. Programme Five - To Death and Back Today in the 21st Century people see fewer real dead bodies than at any time in history. Yet in the modern world we seem almost obsessed with images of death. In an investigation encompassing ancient Jericho, Aztec America, and classical Italy, How Art Made the World discovers what it is that has compelled human beings to surround themselves with images of death for thousands of years.