Five Centuries

Rex Miller, author of The Millenium Matrix mailed this paper 'Five Centuries of the Future' to me.

It's a great paper, from the Scottish Parliment Future Event. Synopisis is below in continuation section. ----------------------------------

The Futures Event, held in the Scottish Parliament on December 6, 2004, was hosted by and at the invitation of presiding officer George Reid MSP, with the assistance of the International Futures Forum. The all-day session, attended by 150 invited participants, was held to consider what it might take to make Scotland a leader in anticipating the future. Most of the discussion took place in smaller groups in a variety of settings in the Parliament building, with a final plenary discussion in the chamber itself. Eamonn Kelly, CEO and president of Global Business Network, gave the opening address, a “warp-speed” tour of five centuries of the future.