Emergent Geneva/Switzerland

I flew to Geneva on thursday for just over 24 hours, to be with Josh and group of people from a community called Shema. I'd spoken to Josh on e-mail and on the phone, and in particular how they could be connected to emergent. So I got to meet him and some of his friends from various parts of church life in Geneva, and had a great time. I found them to be fun, smart, caring, theologically sharp, and open. They were a delight.

They have some great ideas for helping people in switxerl;and connect to emergent, are setting up a web site for emergent in switzerland (I'll let you know when they get it up and running), and we talked about a possible event in Geneva in May, when we get Brian McLaren over next year for Emergent in europe.

Some early ideas are a mxiture of things over a couple of days from an general conversation/event in the catholic cathedral that has Calvin's chair (very cool I wish I had taken a photo), a 3 person dialogue with Brian, a Philosopher and a Poet about culture and church, and a gathering for the pastors/church leaders. In fact rather than a day in London, we might encourage people to get some cheap flights and come to Geneva May 2006 when Brian is over.

So in particular Josh, Ashley, Todd, James, who were with me the whole time thanks for a great time and see you all soon.